Hillary Was So Sure She’d Win the Presidency That She Just Couldn’t Wait To…


Hillary Clinton was absolutely, 100 percent certain that she was going to win the presidential election.

After all, she’d done her best to rig the results by bussing out-of-state voters into neighboring swing states.

How could she possibly lose?

But, as we all know, she did lose.

And that cost Hillary more than the White House, her reputation and her political career.

It cost her at least $1.6 million of her personal fortune.

That’s because Hillary, confident of victory, had already purchased a second house in New York for her staff, assuming that she’d soon be moving to Washington.

Honestly, even as confident as she was, could Hillary not have waited just a little longer to plop down so much cash?

After all, even if she had won, there’s still a period of two months between the election and inauguration day. She could’ve easily done her house hunting during that time.

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