Hillary Takes Shot at Trump After Court Ruling, But Gets BRUTAL Wake-Up Call From AMERICA


Hillary Clinton wants so badly to believe she’s still relevant. But America just let her know exactly what it thinks of her. And it isn’t good.

By now, most everyone knows that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is trying to shut down President Trump’s temporary immigration ban.

All three of the court’s judges ruled against Trump’s executive order.

Clinton, smelling an opportunity, jumped on Trump’s favorite platform, Twitter, and tried to subtly bash the president.

She posted simply: “3-0”

Trump didn’t even need to reply personally. America did it for him.

Or this one, pointing out the electoral college vote, a vote that was FAR more significant than the 9th Circuit:

Some got deeply personal with their jabs, noting Bill Clinton’s regular infidelity:

H/T Independent Journal Review

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