Hillary Goes WHITE as Crowd Shouts ‘Lock Her Up’ at Trump Inauguration


Another important part of the Trump inauguration that the mainstream media missed while they obsessed about attendance numbers.

Hillary Clinton was seen turning pale as some in the crowd shouted for President Trump to keep his promise to jail her.

Both Bill and Hillary Clinton looked dour during the entire inauguration (except for when Bill was eyeing the Trump women).

But there was one particular moment that Hillary’s expression went from restrained anger to fear.

Twitter users who were in the crowd noted that when Bill and Hillary were announced, many people booed and chanted, “Lock her up!”

During the election campaign, Trump said a number of times that he might prosecute Hillary for her many crimes if he was elected.

A lot of people want him to follow through on that now that he’s president.

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Hillary was described as turning pale at that point in the inauguration.

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