Hillary Exposed. Clinton Worked Feverishly To Return 10 Russian Spies to Russia Before FBI Could Catch Them


Clinton’s ties to Russia are finally exposed to the world.

The Daily Caller reports:

Russian intelligence targeted Hillary Clinton before she became secretary of state in 2009, FBI documents show.

New FBI information about corruption in a Clinton-approved uranium deal with Russia raises questions about Clinton’s actions after the FBI broke up a deep-cover Russian spy ring in 2010.

For a decade, the FBI ran an operation called Ghost Stories to monitor and rip apart a deep-cover Russian agent network. Ghost Stories tracked a ring Russian spies who lived between Boston and Washington, D.C., under false identities. It was one of the FBI’s most elaborate and successful counterintelligence operations in history.

After the FBI arrested 10 of the spies in June, 2010, Secretary of State Clinton worked feverishly to return the Russian agents to Moscow in a hastily arranged, lopsided deal with Putin.

This is sooo terrible!

Again, MSM won’t show you this cause they are busying telling lies about Trump and his non-existent connection to Putin.

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