Hillary Demanded Trump “Respect Result of Election,” But Look What She’s Doing Now!


Either Hillary Clinton has some short-term memory problems, or she doesn’t really know what it means to live in the Internet era, where everything you say and do is archived, forever, and easily searchable.

There’s no other way to explain the fact that she said one thing a year ago, and today is doing the exact opposite.

Well, no other way besides simply calling her out as a hypocrite. Which is what we’re actually doing.

A year ago today, Hillary Clinton was making a big deal about then-presidential candidate Donald Trump failing to say he’d respect the outcome of the election.

Remember this?

You’re right, Hillary. Had Trump failed to actually respect the outcome of the election, that would have been a direct threat to our democracy.

So, what would you call the failure by yourself and so many other liberals to do the same, now that Trump’s in the White House?

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It was just a month ago that Hillary was openly admitting in a media interview that she’d love nothing more than to find a way to challenge the legitimacy of Trump’s victory.

Speaking to NPR’s Terry Gross, Hillary said she’s listening to any and every idea along those lines.

During their conversation, Hillary said she wouldn’t rule out challenging the results of the 2016 election. The shocked Gross pressed Hillary to acknowledge what she had said. “You’re not going to rule it out?” she asked. “This is totally unprecedented in every way.”

The presidential election loser confirmed that “no, I wouldn’t rule it out.”

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Now, Fox News is reporting that a recently-published slanderous document promoting false charges against President Trump was actually paid for, at least in part, by Hillary Clinton.

The controversial dossier containing salacious allegations about President Donald Trump and his possible connections to Russia, including coordination between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin, resulted from funding by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee to the firm Fusion GPS, a source familiar with the situation confirmed to Fox News.

Fusion GPS was retained by Marc E. Elias, an attorney representing the DNC and the Clinton campaign, The Washington Post first reported Tuesday. Fusion GPS then reportedly hired former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele to write the now-infamous dossier.

Who’s the threat to American democracy now?!

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