Hillary Clinton to Write Book About How She Lost to Trump


The Clintons just can’t get over themselves. Hillary thinks we all want to read a book about her philosophies on life, and how her defeat at the hands of President Trump made her feel.

Give me a break.

But that’s what’s coming later this year. Just in time for Christmas, I imagine. Anyone need a good stocking stuffer? Or maybe kindling for their fireplace?

USA Today reports:

“Hillary Clinton is announcing her first post-election plans: two book deals, including personal essays and a children’s version of It Takes a Village.

“The book of essays will be inspired by hundreds of quotations she’s collected for decades, according to publishing house Simon & Schuster. ‘These are the words I live by,’ said Clinton, who will use the quotes to tell some of the stories from her life, including her experiences during the 2016 election.”

Ok, so let me get this straight.

A woman who at the best of times seems too loopy to stand up straight and at the worst of times is a bonafide crook thinks we want to know what words SHE lives by?


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