Hillary Clinton Spotted Stumbling Out of a Party DRUNK


Two things happened at last week’s Irish Women’s Society dinner.

Hillary Clinton announced that “she’s back!” (UGH) And then Hillary Clinton stumbled out of the party after apparently consuming too many alcoholic beverages.

Now, everyone who heard Hillary announce her comeback probably needs a drink, or seven.

Why Hillary herself needed that many is another question.

But there she was. Stumbling across the hall as her long-time aide Huma Abedin and a “mystery handler” helped keep her from falling over.

Was it a coincidence that Hillary was wearing the same outfit that she wore back in August, when cameras caught her stumbling up a set of stairs?

That August incident was almost certainly related to Clinton’s health, which caused her a number of embarrassing moments during the election campaign.

But her performance at last week’s dinner is being attributed by most to putting back a few too many. Then again, it was an IRISH event.

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H/T The American Mirror

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