Hillary Clinton Defends Bill’s Affair: Monica Lewinsky Was An Adult, Wasn’t an Abuse of Power


In a new interview with CBS, former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton took a firm stance regarding her husband’s handling of the Monica Lewinsky affair when he was president.

When asked if former President Bill Clinton should have resigned, Hillary adamantly said he should not have.

“Absolutely not,” Clinton replied.

“It wasn’t an abuse of power?” CBS’ Tony Dokoupil followed up.

“No,” she answered, adding it could not have been an abuse of power because Lewinsky was an adult.
Watch the video below:

“Believe all women” lasted all of six days.

This profoundly shocks me. That’s a horrible thing for an older woman to coldly say of a young woman. @MonicaLewinsky is a braver woman, it turns out.

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