Hillary Clinton Claims Trump Might Not ‘Go Quietly’ If He Loses The Election


Hillary Clinton on Monday said the U. S. needs to be prepared for President Trump not to “go quietly” if he loses the fall election.

“Well, I think it is a fair point to raise as to whether or not, if he loses, he’s going to go quietly or not. And we have to be ready for that,” Mrs. Clinton said during an appearance on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.”

“If people get to vote and they for whatever reason vote for Donald Trump, OK — we’ll accept it. Not happily,” said Mrs. Clinton, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee.

But she said she doesn’t think that’s what will happen.

“I think the more people who can actually get to the polls whether by mail or in person and get their votes counted, then we are going to have the kind of election we should have and then it… (Read more)

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