Hillary Clinton Admits to Owning SLAVES. This is NOT a Joke


She admitted it over 20 years ago. But only now are people fully grasping the full magnitude of Hillary Clinton’s flippant revelation.

Especially after she’s lambasted President Trump for MUCH LESS.

And the media. Oh my, the media.

They incessantly smeared Trump for a few lewd locker room jokes, and IGNORED the fact that Hillary Clinton for years happily made use of genuine SLAVE LABOR?!

That’s not objective journalism.

Yes, you read that correctly – Hillary Clinton made use of black slave labor.

And she readily admitted to it in her 1996 book It Takes A Village.

Recalling her years as First Lady of Arkansas, Clinton writes:

“When we moved in, I was told that using prison labor at the governor’s mansion was a longstanding tradition, which kept down costs.”

She adds that most of the workers were convicted murderers, and she became friendly with “a few of them, African-American men in their thirties who had already served 12 to 18 years of their sentences.”

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Clinton goes on to suggest that most of her “slaves” weren’t really bad men, just “emotional illiterates.”

Seriously. This is racism of the first order.

And no one is dragging Hillary through the mud for this?!

Shows you EXACTLY how biased the mainstream media really is.

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