Hillary Caught on Video Stumbling Out of NY Restaurant – Watch Closely


There’s something to those charges that Hillary Clinton was simply not physically fit enough to be president of the United States. She just never appears stable on her feet.

During the election campaign, Clinton was caught stumbling several times. On at least one occasions, she was filmed apparently passing out and needing to be carried into a van.

Well, even without the rigors of the campaign trail, Hillary still can’t seem to stay on her feet.

After dining out in New York with actor Ted Danson and husband Bill Clinton, Hillary was caught stumbling out of the restaurant by TMZ cameramen.

She was clearly aided in walking to her car by a brawny assistant.

Upon closer look, Bill certainly seems to be somewhat “out of it” in the footage, as well.

The Clintons have long been mentally unstable. But their physical health seems to now be failing them fast, as well.

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