Hillary camp is going to Jail. Debbie Wasserman Schultz Under Criminal Investigation


Hillary camp is going to jail!!! Slowly, one by one, they are going to prison, and this is a great news! They are corrupted mafia gung, and finally justice is coming to them!

President Trump promised that Hillary will go to jail but for now he left her from the hook. But we hope that this is just temporary decision!

But others from her closest inner circle are having huge problems! After her embarrassing resignation from her role as DNC chair, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz hid from the spotlight for months. However, she is back, and, once again, linked to a corruption scandal.

Politico reported on February 6 that Imran Awan, who is currently employed by Wasserman Schultz, is under criminal investigation for “wide-range equipment and data theft.”

Wasserman Schultz’s communications director provided Politico with few details into the investigation and refused to answer any followup questions. Relatives of Awan—including Hina Alvi, Abid Awan and Jamal Awan—are implicated in the investigation as well. Hina Alvi is currently employed by Rep. Gregory Meeks.

The Daily Caller reported on February 4 that the accused allegedly accessed congressional computers without permission. It’s unclear what data was stolen and what the motive for the breach was.

And this is just the beginning! Only god knows how many crimes and mistakes Hillary people have done in the past!

Now with new WH administration with new AG, we are going to explore all of the crimes done by Clinton mafia!

This is going to be an incredible journey! American people wants justice, law and order! Trump promised that and now he has the chance to do that!

With law and order, people will feel safe, we are not going to have traitors and criminals on the street but in jails, and we will be safe again!

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America will be great country again! Trump is going to be the best president ever!

(h/t) Observer.com

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