Hilarious: Harvard Lib Goes Crazy After Getting Fired For Being 2 Hrs. Late on Her First Day


Folks, this is Hilarious.

Blogger Allie Stuckey, a.ka. “The Conservative Millennial,” posted this funny but real video.

“I just graduated from college last week. Harvard actually. And I started my new job on Monday so obviously on Sunday night I wanted to go out with my friends and celebrate,” she said. “It was a late night, so Monday morning, first thing I rolled in around 10:30.”

Her “white, male,” boss asked her why she was late.


“Where have I been?” she said. “I’ve been celebrating and I’ve been partying and then I’ve been sleeping and I’ve been resting because, you know what, this is a stressful time.”

“I feel a little bit pressured and a little bit endangered right now. I do not feel safe so I’ll just leave and come back when you change your tune Mr. white male boss,” she said.

However, the liberal character gets a major reality check when her boss decides to fire her instead.

“This is the white male patriarchy at work,” she said.


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