Highly decorated Lt. Gen.: Obama & Hillary may face up to 30 years in PRISON for Violating … [Video]


United States Air Force Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney is s a highly decorated retired United States Air Force Lieutenant General, who served in top military positions and reported directly to the Secretary of Defense and the Vice President of the United States.

Gen. McInerney, on Fox News, reveals Obama/Hillary’s evil plan to attack Trump and his administration.

Gen. McInerney was asked about “Obama wirtap surveillance” following Trump’s extraordinary victory.

Gen. McInerney believes that Obama and Hillary may face criminal charges for violating the “ESPIONAGE ACT” that so far the FBI under Director Comey has been reluctant to pursue, and of course the question is why?

“Fingerprints that are now gonna start coming out that will show that the Obama administration was heavily listening to what was going on in the Trump campaign.”

“They (Democrats) do not want the Trump administration to start looking in at the violation of the Espionage Act by Hillary Clinton with her rogue server and by the President who used a pseudonym on her rogue server and they are both in violation of the Espionage Act. They do not want this to come out, so they brought up all these other facts out about Russia.”
“The unmasking (of Trump people) is another criminal offense…the special prosecutor should start looking at Hillary’s rogue server.”


To convey information with intent to interfere with the operation or success of the armed forces of the United States or to promote the success of its enemies. This was punishable by death or by imprisonment for not more than 30 years or both.


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