He’s Been Expelled, and You Won’t Believe Why


Things are going downhill fast.

Some are going to try to sweep this under the rug by claiming the student was expelled for a different reason. But I think we all know the real reason…

The Oklahoman reports:

A student has been expelled from the Oklahoma City University School of Law after posting flyers that said “IT’S OKAY TO BE WHITE.”

OCU Police Director Bill Citty said the male student was already on suspension from the law school, 800 N Harvey, and was not allowed to be on school property. The student violated the terms of his suspension when he posted the flyers on the door and exterior of the law school building the night of Oct. 31, Citty said.

Federal law prevents OCU from identifying the student in connection to disciplinary action, but Citty said the student is not considered a physical threat to the campus.

Similar flyers have appeared on college campuses across the country in recent years. The phrase originated on the internet chat forum 4chan and has been promoted by white supremacist groups, according to the Anti-Defamation League, an anti-hate organization.

Now, if the student was truly promoting the agenda of a hate group, then he should be expelled.

But, at least on the surface, the wording of the flyers doesn’t seem very hostile. To take offense at those words on face value would, in fact, be racist.

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