Herschel Walker Says Joe Rogan ‘Is Not A Racist,’ Rips Cancel Culture


Herschel Walker, retired NFL star-turned-Republican Senate candidate for Georgia, defended podcast host Joe Rogan against cancel culture on a Sunday episode of “Unfiltered.”

Fox News host Dan Bongino said the Left classifies groups of people as “victims” in order to enforce cancel culture. He then cited fighter Terrance McKinney’s Feb. 6 tweet saying Rogan is “not a racist” and doesn’t need people telling him what to find offensive. He added that both McKinnney and Herschel refuse to be victims in a culture “where everyone is seemingly a victim.”

Walker defended Rogan and said society must escape cancel culture due to the First Amendment’s guarantee of having the right to free speech and expression.

“I’m sad, because I know Joe Rogan is not a racist. He’s a great guy and I love Joe Rogan and I want to tell Joe Rogan to ‘keep doing your thing.’ And we got to get out of this cancel culture because in the First Amendment it gives you the right to say what you want to say,” Walker said. “First of all, if you don’t agree with the Left, you’re going to be canceled out. That’s the reason I decided to run.”

“Right now, I want everyone to stand up and say ‘the buck stops here’ and that’s what I’m trying to tell them right now while I’… (Read more)

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