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Heroic Armed Citizen Saves Wounded State Trooper, Kills Armed Thug


Taking guns out of the hands of good, responsible citizens isn’t going to do anything but get more people killed.

Because the bad guys don’t care about our laws. They’ll get guns anyway.

A prime example of this occurred near Phoenix, Arizona on Thursday after a woman was killed in a rollover accident along an isolated stretch of highway.

A state trooper responded to the scene. He was placing cones and flares when suddenly an unidentified assailant shot the officer and began beating him.

With a bullet wound to the shoulder, the trooper was helpless to prevent his attacker from repeatedly slamming his head into the pavement.

There is little question that the officer was going to be murdered.

But just then, a good samaritan passed by and saw what was happening. He yelled to the officer asking if he needed assistance.

The state trooper shouted that he was in trouble, so this citizen grabbed a gun from his car and demanded the attacker back down. When he refused, the armed citizen shot and killed the man who would have otherwise murdered another police officer.

Responsible gun ownership not only works, it is vital to maintaining a safe and secure society.

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