Hero Sniper Takes Out ISIS Commander From Over a Mile Away


The war’s not over yet.

But this soldier’s working to make sure it comes to an end as quickly as possible.

And that’s bad news for what’s left of ISIS.

From the Daily Express:

An SAS sniper killed an ISIS commander with just one bullet from almost a mile-and-a-half away – thought to be the best long-range shot in the elite regiment’s history.

The sniper – a sergeant veteran of the fighting in Iraq and Syria – was on a secret patrol in an ISIS-controlled area of northern Afghanistan in June.

The bullet – from a huge .50 Calibre machine gun – struck the commander in the chest with such velocity that it ripped his arm and shoulder from his body, killing him instantly.

Sources have said the gun will now be decommissioned and taken to SAS headquarters near Hereford as a memento.

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