Hero Dad Shields Son and Pays a Terrible Price


A man who can only be described as a selfless hero paid a terrible price for shielding his son from harm on Friday.

Dr. Omri Nir was hiking with his and several other families in the canyons near the Dead Sea. And then disaster struck.

Nir’s 11-year-old son, Ilay, slipped down the incline and quickly rolled toward a cliff edge.

This hero dad did not hesitate.

Nir leapt down the incline and embraced Ilay as they both went over the cliff. There was nothing to do but try his best to shield his son from harm.

A medic with the group quickly descended and found Ilay still alive, but badly hurt. Nir had perished in the fall. But he had saved the life of his son.

Traumatic experience

The group was in an isolated part of the Judean desert when the accident happened. It took other hikers over 20 minutes to find cellphone reception and call for help.

In the meantime, the 15 or so other children in the group were hysterical. They had seen everything.

“They didn’t know who had fallen and some of them thought it was their father,” one of the guides told a local newspaper. “We spoke to the children and they understood everything.”

The situation was further complicated when the incident was reported on local media before families had been notified. As a result, a number of mothers whose children and husbands were on the hike thought their loved ones had died.

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