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Heres What The Length Of Your Toes Really Tell Us About Our Personality


According to recent studies, out bodies reveal a lot about us and our traits.


Our toes can also tell us a lot about ourselves, ranging from our personality traits to our health.

1.Big Toe

The size of your big toe tends to provides some indication about how you may approach certain tasks.

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For example, a large big toe implies that you are very focused and you’re a creative thinker, with good problem-solving skills.

On the other hand, a small big toe suggests that you have difficulty focussing on a single task. But you do have the ability to multi-task and have the ability to manage several activities at once without becoming overwhelmed.

2. Second (Long) Toe

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The size of your second toe can reveal your ability to handle everyday situations.

If your second toe is longer then it’s thought that you’re more assertive, but it can be viewed as aggressive.

Those with short second toes, are more passive,  with a “let’s wait and see” attitude too many situations. You also have a tendency to avoid confrontation.

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3. Third (Ring) Toe

People with a long third toe often have a lot of energy, which is often brought into the workplace. They’re able to work under pressure and even enjoy it.

Those who have a short third toe prefer life outside of the workplace and highly value their leisure time.

4. Fourth Toe

The fourth toe relates to relationships with our loved ones.

A long fourth toe can suggest a strong relationship with the people you love, and that your lives are closely intertwined.

Those with a short fourth toe, however, have claimed to spend too much time prioritizing their own affairs rather than spending it with their loved ones.

5. Fifth (Pinky) Toe

The size of your pinky toe reveals how in tune you are with your inner child.

A long pinky toe can indicate that the individual is rather serious, and values routine and predictability.

A short pinky toe tends to suggest that the individual is more in touch with their inner child. But this individual likes to be constantly amused and can become bored easily.

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