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Here’s the New Trend to Get a Resident Permit in America


This is an old trend but it’s increasing heavily due to social networks and many refugees looking to enter into the US “legally”. They are now afraid of Trump’s wall and “strong laws against immigration”

Check this out:

Hello i want to go and live in the USA. i would like to know which is the fastest way to get a greencard so i can get the funding to go to med school to become a doctor.

Apparently many med schools wont even accept you unless you have the greencard in your possesion.

The answer: Marry american baby dude, 2 years and you will get a green card. Take some ugly fat american girl, she will be happy to marry you. after green card divorce her and you are done.

One more: You can try to get a visiting visa to some American med school, work there to meet up with some current female med student. Many of whom spent too much time studying in college to know how to have normal relationships and will easily fall for you when all other men. Marry her and you get 1) green card and 2) a meal ticket even if you don’t get into med school.

Folks, this is not a joke, check this video:

That’s not all though…

There’s a trend in Ghana, as well as other parts of Africa. There are some young women here who are lazy, they do not really want to work hard, they wouldn’t want to go to school much, but however are very beautiful.

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They don’t see the point of striving so hard to build a career for themselves because in the end, they just want to become sit-at-home wives.
All that these women think about is getting married as soon as possible, giving birth and looking after their children. This is their dream. That’s all they want to do. Now mind you, these young women don’t want to get married to just any man…no, no, no.

They want to get married to the richest, most wealthy man available. They fantasize about living in mansions, driving big cars, flying around the world, etc.
They crave to have rich kids. These are very beautiful girls I am talking about. They know this. So they invest the little money they have in makeup, fancy clothes, shoes, bags etc so that they can easily find rich men online or during their vacation trip to America.

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