Here We Go: Michelle Obama Enters 2020 Circus Season With Campaign For Voter Advocacy In Detroit [ICYMI]


OPINION | There has been a lot of speculation that, none other than ,America’s self described, ‘forever First Lady“, Michelle Obama, was going to come running into the dumpster fire that is the Democrat race for the Presidential nomination and save the day.

Now that the Democratic National Committee and their pawns have coalesced around, the dust is beginning to settle.

I can only assume that the real power players in the DNC, the ones who are calling the shots and have their hands firmly up the rear ends of the decision makers, understand what the simple folk like you and I understand: Joe Biden hasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell against President Trump.

Hell, even Biden’s supporters are not thrilled about the prospect of the former Vice President being the great white hope of the TDS crowd:

The Gateway Pundit is reporting:

‘The former First Lady is holding a voter advocacy rally for “When We All Vote” in Detroit late this month.
The rally was announced earlier today.

There are no coincidences.’

The article then went on to quote the SFGate:

‘Former first lady Michelle Obama plans to host a rally in Detroit later this month for a nonpartisan, nonprofit voter advocacy organization she co-chairs.

When We All Vote announced Wednesday that Obama is scheduled to headline the free, ticketed event March 27 at University of Detroit Mercy. It’s open to the organization’s volunteers and partners, as well as educators, college students and high school students who are eligible to vote.

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Obama and others launched When We All Vote in 2018 to boost voting.’

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