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Here It Comes: CHAZ Leader Demands Whites Give Them Their Cash [Video]


Opinion |For those not familiar, CHAZ (Capital Hill Autonomous Zone) it is a 6 square block section of the city of Seattle which anarchist ‘protesters’ have partially fenced off and some have even declared no longer part of the United States.

In the video below, an apparent leader of the CHAZ demands that every white person find a black person and give them $10.

The protest leader said:

“I want you to find, by the time you leave this autonomous zone, I want you to give $10 to one African American person from this autonomous zone.”

“And if you find that’s difficult, if you find that it’s hard for you to give $10 to people of color, to black people especially, you have to think really critical about in the future are you actually going to give up power and land and capital when you have it.”

“If you have a hard time giving up $10, you’re gonna have to think about, ‘Are you really down with this struggle? 

Are you really down with the movement?’ 

Because if that’s a challenge for you, I’m not sure you’re in the right place.”

From The Blaze

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The CHAZ, established on June 8 in the aftermath of violent protests stemming from the tragic death of George Floyd, covers six blocks in downtown Seattle.

As TheBlaze reported, Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best said violent crimes, such as rape and robbery, have occurred within the CHAZ, but police officers have been unable to adequately respond.

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