Here Are 10 TIMES Democrats Called For VIOLENCE Against Trump and Republicans Since Election Day


There can be very little doubt that the shooting attack against GOP members at a baseball practice was spurred by constant incitement to violence by top Democrats.

You can’t spend months demonizing a group of people and not expect someone along the way to resort to violence against the demonized.

But Democrats have gone further than just demonizing.

On a number of occasions, liberal celebrities and even top Democratic politicians have openly called for violence.

Words matter.

This is but a sampling of the MANY times we’ve witnessed such incitement since election day.

Tim Kaine calls on liberals to “fight in the streets” against Trump and his supporters.

A liberal reimagining of Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” performed in New York’s Central Park features Trump’s gruesome assassination.

Former CNN host Kathy Griffin posts a grotesque photo of herself holding a fake severed head that resembles Trump.

Obama-appointed Attorney General Loretta Lynch calls for liberals to march, bleed and die in the streets as they “resist” Trump.

Vulgar liberal comedienne Sarah Silverman calls for a military coup against our duly-elected president.

Madonna publicly fantasizes about blowing up the White House at the Women’s March in Washington, DC.

New Snoop Dogg music video features the rapper executing a clown-faced Trump.

Rapper Bow Wow threatens to “pimp” First Lady Melania Trump if the president ever again calls out Snoop Dogg.

Woman at anti-Trump rally openly calls for violent revolution. CNN reporter is sympathetic.

Liberal preschool teacher tells BLM rally that it’s time to start murdering white conservatives.

There’s always been political division in our country. But things have really gotten out of hand in recent years.

If we continue down this path… well, this is leading to nowhere good.

H/T Big League Politics

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