Henry Kissinger Just Sent Trump Ultimate Praise, Shocks Even Trump With His Compliment


Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger

There are a lot of politicians who really don’t understand politics. But, Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger is one of the rare politicians whose opinion we care about. He recently had an interview on CBS’s “Face The Nation” on Sunday, during which he said this about President Trump:

“Donald Trump is a phenomenon that foreign countries haven’t seen.”

Liberals, Democrats and others who favor Clinton will never admit that Donald Trump was clearly the right choice for president of America. He’s really doing some changes for this country, and after eight years of Obama, we can really see some difference. Kissinger said:

“Every country now has to consider two things. One, their perception that the previous president, or the outgoing president, basically withdrew America from international politics, so that they had to make their own assessments of their necessities.”

And secondly, that here is a new president who’s asking a lot of unfamiliar questions. And because of the combination of the partial vacuum and the new questions, one could imagine that something remarkable and new emerges out of it.”

Still, people think that Trump will put America first, but neglect the rest of the world in the process. This is not the truth. President Trump as worked with people from all over the world. We trust he will Trump will put America first, but neglect the rest of the world in the process.

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