Hennepin Co. DA Will No Longer Prosecute Suspects For Spitting On Cops Unless It Hits Their Face Or Hands


Suspects who spit on police in Minnesota’s most populated county no longer need to worry about being charged with a felony, as long as they avoid spitting on officers’ hands or faces.

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman has announced his office will is too busy to prosecute felony cases against people who spit on any part of a law enforcement officer’s body or uniform, with the exception of their faces or hands, WCCO reported.

“We think the harm caused by spitting on the boot or uniform does not rise to the level of spitting on the face or hands,” Freeman reasoned.

Although Minnesota law dictates anyone who “intentionally throws or otherwise transfers bodily fluids or feces at an officer” is guilty of a felony offense, Freeman said his office is simply too busy to worry about enforcing the law.

“We have a full deck,” he told WCCO.

Cases rejected under the new policy will not automatically be transferred to the Minneapolis City Attorney’s Office for potential prosecution because the city prosecutor does not handle felony offenses.

Since spitting on a law enforcement officer is a felony, the buck stops with Freeman’s office, WCCO reported.


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