‘Helpless’ little Muslim Woman Asks a Security Guard for Help, Then Reaches in her Bag and pulls out … [video]


This video just resurfaced the internet and explains clearly why president Trump wants a “Travel Ban” in America.

A Muslim girl asked a police officer for help, while the office looked away she pulled out a knife and begin to stab him… (SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO)


This is not the first time we have seen attacks such as this take place. (SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO)


The Israeli guard was wounded at the entrance to the West Bank city of Beitar Illit. The wounded Israeli was a civilian security guard in his 20s, who was posted to the city’s main entrance road.

The attacker was identified as a Palestinian woman from Bethlehem, 22-year-old Halawa Alian.

She was shot by the victim after stabbing him, and conflicting reports first suggested she may have been killed. The IDF said she was still being treated by medics who were evacuating her to hospital.

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