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HELL FREEZES OVER! Top UN Official Says the UNTHINKABLE About Israel


Oh, it is no secret that the United Nations is an enemy of Israel. You can’t get that many Islamic and Communist nations together and expect Israel or America to get a fair shake.

So it’s by now little surprise when the UN issues regular condemnations of Israel, despite it being a tiny country with a minuscule portion of the world’s population.

And then, one UN official comes out and does the UNTHINKABLE, prompting many to believe that perhaps hell has finally frozen over.

Irina Bokova, the director-general of UNESCO, which last year passed a motion denying the Jewish connection to Jerusalem, shocked many last week when she publicly affirmed the Jews’ historic connection to the Holy City.

“In the Torah, Jerusalem is the capital of King David, where Solomon built the Temple and placed the Ark of the Covenant,” Bokova reminded the European Parliament in a session on Thursday.

“The protection of the heritage of Jerusalem is part of a broader vision for peace and the fight against all forms of denial of Jewish history, delegitimization of Israel and anti-Semitism,” she continued.

No doubt Bokova will soon be facing a tidal wave of outrage from the Muslim world, which in recent years has tried to rewrite history and erase the Jewish connection to Jerusalem.

Leading the charge are the Palestinian Arabs, who today insist there never was a Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, and that the Israelis are foreign occupiers in this city.

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