He Was Homeless. Now He’s Raking in the Dough. Here’s How…


Eric White once lived on the streets. What’s more, he was nearly illiterate.

Today, he’s a hard-working millionaire.

White told The Daily Advertiser that he dropped out of high school, which he wasn’t that into anyway. Despite his age, White had only managed to learn to read at a second-grade level.

After leaving school, he lived on the streets for nearly a year.

“Growing up, things weren’t easy for me,” he said. “I could hardly even spell my name.”

Eventually, he started taking construction jobs, and that’s when he came up with a brilliant idea: backyard beaches.

Everyone loves the beach, but not everyone lives close to one.

White decided to offer a solution.

Today, his company, Zydeco Construction, designs and builds backyard swimming pools complete with a small sandy beach. And they look like the real thing.

If someone like White can pick himself up and become a success, anyone can.

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