He Threatened Jewish Believers in Jesus; Now Look At Him…


A popular Israeli-born rabbi known for courting controversy (including cursing Jesus) is now being ostracized.

Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi previously claimed that “fewer than 1 million Jews died in the Holocaust.” He said women who contract cancer are being punished for sexual promiscuity. He called Down syndrome divine retribution for sins in a past life.

And he urged the murder of Jewish believers in Jesus who openly share their faith with fellow Jews. (See the video below)

Despite being clearly insane, Rabbi Mizrachi has a large “cult” following. He is regularly invited to lecture at synagogues around the world.


But a group of 16 of the most prominent rabbis in the US is hoping to keep him from addressing any more American Jews.

In a letter to a Los Angeles synagogue where Mizrachi was scheduled to speak, the rabbis called him a disgrace to Judaism.

The group said Mizrachi’s rhetoric “does not bring honor to the Holy Torah [and]…desecrates the name of God.”

The rabbis admitted that Mizrachi might be entertaining to certain audiences. But his words are entirely “objectionable and even dangerous.”

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