He Smelled Something From the Garage, Then His Worst Nightmare Came True


When a prospective home buyer smelled something odd coming from the garage of a house he was inspecting, he was in for quite a surprise.

His worst fears were quickly realized when a mummified body was found.

This happened in Detroit, Michigan, a city already badly tarnished by rising poverty and almost unchecked crime.

The tenants who were living in the house said they were told by the landlord that the garage was not to be used. Now they know why.

But, obviously, the prospective new buyer wanted to check it out.

That’s when the corpse was found inside an old car.

Police said the body had been there “for quite some time.” It had decomposed so much that they were unable to determine the gender just by looking.

It was literally a mummy in the garage. And no one knew about it for years.

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