He Signed It, and Liberals are Howling


President Trump on Friday slipped in a new federal regulation that has liberals howling mad.

Trump has taken a strong and principled stand against federal participation in the practice of abortion.

He’s been strongly opposed by Democrats on Capitol Hill and in state legislatures, in particular his home state of New York.

The Trump Admin might not be able to push anti-abortion legislation through this current Congress, but the president sure can make sure that abortion clinics don’t get to operate on our tax dollars.

Trump’s new regulation makes any health-care provider that offers abortion services INELIGIBLE for the Title X program, which annually offers hundreds of millions in federal grants to family-planning services.

Groups like Planned Parenthood have for years exploited these grant programs to fund their particularly gruesome version of “family planning.”

But no more.

We might not be able to outlaw abortion, but the majority of Americans do not want their tax dollars to fund what they consider to be an act of murder.

Source: Yahoo News

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