He Just Did It. After New York Attack, Trump is NOT Playing Games


There’s probably no American more infuriated by Tuesday’s terrorist attack in New York City than it’s most famous living son, President Donald Trump.

Especially considering that the attack was perpetrated by just the type of immigrant that Trump is trying to ban from the US, but has been unable to effectively do so due to liberal interference.

The terrorist, Sayfullo Saipov, legally immigrated to the US. But he did so during the Obama years, when vetting of immigrants was little more than a joke.

If Trump is able to implement the vetting policies he’s outlined, killers like Saipov will be much less likely to ever gain entry.

And the president’s determined to highlight what happened in New York as a wake-up call of why liberals need to stand down.

Trump insisted that it the time had come to put the mechanisms in place that will prevent ISIS and other terror groups from exploiting America’s lax immigration policies.

A couple hours later, Trump tweeted again saying that he’d ordered very real action in response to the attack:

Source: The Guardian

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