He Just Attacked Ivanka Trump!


Liberal Hollywood just can’t keep its comments to itself when it comes to President Donald Trump and anyone and anything connected to him.

Unfortunately for Hollywood, such verbal attacks more often than not lead to crushing embarrassment.

Such was the case when popular television actor Kal Penn set upon Ivanka Trump for daring to tweet a short clip of her baking holiday cookies.

In an ill-advised attempt to make a political point, Penn noted that the music playing in the background of Ivanka’s clip is from Sesame Street, formerly of PBC, which, according to Penn, the Trumps have defunded.

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There are a couple of GLARING problems with Penn’s attack on Ivanka.

First, Sesame Street is no longer on PBS, and hasn’t been for some years. In 2015, HBO bought the iconic children’s program.

Now, what’s interesting is that Sesame Workshop sought the HBO deal because even back then there wasn’t enough funding to continue the show. Guess who was president at that time… yes, Barack Obama.

Under Barack Obama, PBS didn’t get enough funding to keep Sesame Street on the air. And where was Kal Penn then?

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Of course, there’s also the little issue of the president and his staff not actually setting the budget for these things. That money is allocated by Congress. And PBS lost a lot of its funding under a DEMOCRATIC Congress.

You’d think that a guy like Penn might read up on some of this stuff before opening his mouth, given that he’s currently acting in a couple of prime time political series.

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