He Did It: ‘This is the Land of Jesus’; Liberals are Throwing a Fit


The truth elicits outrage.

We were warned that this would happen by Jesus and the biblical prophets. We were told that a day would come in which the (liberal) voices of the world would howl with indignation over the truth being boldly spoken.

But that certainly did not stop Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales from recognizing the truth of Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital by planting his nation’s embassy there.

Guatemalan congressman Marcos Fernano Yax, who accompanied Morales for the embassy’s inauguration, went even further in remarks to Israeli media:

“It is important because this is the land of God. This is the land of Jesus.

“In Latin America, we have a lot of Catholic people. We have a lot of Christians. And we read the Bible. And the Bible says Jerusalem is the holy land of Israel.”

If there’s one thing liberals (both in America and Israel) hate more than conservatives getting their way, it’s them using the Bible as justification for doing so.

The biblical truth of the matter has never been particularly popular, but today it is often the source of extreme liberal anger.

Via Geller Report

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