Hawley Pushing Measure To ‘Shut Down Russian Energy,’ Says Biden Enabled Putin


Republican Sen. Josh Hawley is rolling out a measure next week that would “shut down Russian energy production” and lift regulations on the U. S. energy sector imposed by the Biden administration, while saying Russia’s military aggression in Ukraine is a “consequence” of President Biden’s policies.

During an interview with Fox News Digital on the sidelines of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Hawley, R-Mo., detailed legislation he plans to introduce Monday that would address what he called Biden’s “major strategic error.”

“The basic idea, we need to shut down Russian energy production. We need to open up our own,” Hawley said. “Joe Biden has made a major strategic error. He’s done the exact opposite—he came into office, lifted sanctions on the Russian energy pipeline that just stuffed dollars in Putin’s pocket. And he shut down ours.”

Hawley said the bill would lift the various regulations and “stop measures” that Biden imposed on American energy production upon taking office.

“He canceled pipelines, he stopped oil and gas leases, he imposed new regulations,” Hawley said. “The effect of it has been to make us no longer energy independent, but, in fact, to make us energy-dependent now on nations like Russia.”

Hawley criticized Biden for “begging” the 14-nation OPEC to increase oil production into the global market.

“That was before this Ukrainian crisis. Who benefits from this? Vladimir Putin,” Hawley said. “So now, it is time to show some resolve with Putin and to show him we’re not just going to allow him to have his energy sector.”

“And we should get ours back on its feet,” Hawley said.

It is unclear whether Hawley’s bill will garner any Democratic support in the Senate.

“This is going to be a real test for them,” Hawley said, recalling Democrats’ voting against sanctioning Russia’s Nord Stream 2 Pipeline.

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“They have been willing to give him the pipeline, to give him the energy, which is the dollars that he needs in order to carry out these acts of aggression,” Hawley said.

“We should sanction their energy sector down to its knees, and we should open up ours — that, I think, is a great strategic opportunity, the right thing to do for our economy, and I’m going to propose legislation to do it,” he said.

Meanwhile, Hawley said “no one has done more to enable Putin than Joe Biden,” criticizing Biden’s move to lift sanctions on Nord Stream 2 and “refusing” to arm Ukraine.

“What dictators like Vladimir Putin got from that was America is willing to be dependent on foreign nations for its energy, America is willing to give up our energy dominance in the world,” Hawley said. “Huge mistake, huge mistake.”

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He added: “What we’re seeing in Ukraine is a consequence of that, in part.”

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