Has Hell Frozen Over? CNN Shuts Down Democratic Conspiracy Theory Against Trump


Viewers of CNN were no doubt in a bit of shock (perhaps even panic) when one of their favorite hosts, Anderson Cooper, failed to stick to the liberal party line and accept any and every anti-Trump conspiracy theory.

When one of Cooper’s guests suggested that President Trump had people on the inside at WikiLeaks, the CNN host was having none of it.

Even more surprising is that the guest wasn’t some armchair conspiracy theorist. It was Rep. Eric Salwell (D-CA), a respected Democratic member of Congress.

Salwell started insinuating that Trump had activated assets at WikiLeaks to help him “steal” the presidential election, and that such shenanigans needed to stop before the next election.

Cooper shot him down, noting that all the evidence that’s come forward suggests just the opposite – that there was no conspiracy and no collusion between Trump and WikiLeaks.

Check it out. You’ll likely never see CNN being so unbiased again:

H/T The Daily Wire

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