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Harvard Grad Who Said She Would ‘Stab’ Anyone Who Says ‘All Lives Matter’ Blames Trump Supporters for Losing her Job


She’s a Harvard graduate, but a Connecticut woman apparently learned this week that words and actions can have consequences.

In a new video Wednesday, teary-eyed Claira Janover claims she lost a job with the Deloitte accounting firm after saying in a previous video – that went viral – that she would “stab” anyone who told her “all lives matter.”

“Standing up for Black Lives Matter put me in a place online to be seen by millions of people,” Janover says in the new video. As a result, “the job that I’d worked really hard to get and meant a lot to me has called me and fired me because of everything.”

Janover also says supporters of President Trump shared in the blame for her losing the gig.

“Trump supporters took my job away from me,” she claims. “I have gotten death threats, rape threats, violent threats. It was OK, but now my future’s entirely compromised because Trump supporters have decided to come for my life.”

The graduate with a degree in government and psychology claims Deloitte let her go despite a company claim of standing “against systemic bias, racism and unequal treatment.”

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