Harris Sidesteps Impeachment Trial Question, Says Priority Is Getting Country ‘Back On Its Feet’


Vice President Harris in her first national sit-down interview since assuming her role dodged a question on her thoughts about the impeachment trial underway in the Senate.

“I’m focused on the American Rescue plan and getting that to work,” Harris said.

“The Senate is going to do its job, but the bottom line for our administration, for the president and for me, we are going to do our piece right now, which is work on getting America back on its feet.”

The impeachment trial of former President Trump began Tuesday as senators discuss whether he deserves to be convicted for his actions before and during the Capitol riot that occurred Jan. 6.

The interview, conducted by The 19th’s Errin Haines, focused the Biden administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Harris said when she first entered the White House, “there was no stockpile of vaccines.” She said there was also no “national plan for vaccine distribution.”

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