Hardcore Government Official Refuses Entry to Muslim Refugees


Muslim refugees can go anywhere else, but not here.

That was the message sent loud and clear from a hardcore Italian government official to a boat of Libyan refugees of its coast.

Voice of Europe has the story:

Aid groups MSF and SOS Méditerranée have said that the migrant rescue ship Aquarius was seeking help for 11 migrants they recovered off Libya after refusing to return them to the north African country.

The vessel claimed to have saved ten men and an unaccompanied minor from a sinking boat after attempting to alert Libya’s coastguard who had requested they bring them to one of their patrol vessels.

The Aquarius crew refused saying they could not legally comply as Libyan ports were not considered places of safety, according to SOS Méditerranée, a French NGO.

“The Aquarius 2 has recovered about 10 people in Libyan search and rescue waters, a few miles from the mainland, but refused to cooperate with the coastguard in Tripoli,” Matteo Salvini, Italy’s Interior Minister, tweeted Thursday.

“Now it’s floating in the Mediterranean. I say it again and again: go wherever you want, but not to Italy.”

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