Hannity Meets Parents Of Vegas Victim After Trump’s Visit, What They Said About our President Gave Him Goosebumps


President Trump and first lady Melania went to Las Vegas after the terrible mass shooting. Their main purpose was to visit the victims in the hospital.

I’m sure you have seen videos of their visit, their love and care for people is extraordinary. Meeting people in their most difficult time.

After meeting with one the victims, Sean Hannity asked questions to the victims and their parents.

Check what they said to Hannity!

Hannity: “So what was it like to meet the President and First Lady?”

Victim’s mom: “They are genuinely amazing people who really cared & you can tell when someone cares.”

Victim’s Dad: “He was comical, he was such a fun guy. I mean it was just amazing. I knew he was genuine, i met his cook outside and he said, “You wait and you’ll see how genuine he really is.””



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