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Handicapped Boy Can Finally Open His Own Presents After Christmas Miracle


A crippled four-year-old boy in the UK can finally open his own presents following a genuine Christmas miracle.

Little Brooklyn Brenthall-Croydon suffered from having no right hand. But an online plea by his grandmother resulted in something the family never expected.

Students at Shotton Hall Academy spotted the appeal and knew they could help Brooklyn.

They spent over two months designing and building a biotic hand for the boy.

“After seeing the heart-warming post and having a four-year-old myself we just had to make it come true,” Scott Bradley, Head of Design Technology at Shotton Hall, told the Express.

“We had the technology, the 3D-printer so it just went from there,” he added.

Christmas Miracle

“This is just a dream come true for us – it has completed our Christmas,” said Brooklyn’s mother, Marie Brenthall. “Now he’s got two hands he thinks he’s a superhero.”

Brooklyn’s father, Scott Croydon, is even a little jealous.

“I think it’s marvellous, perfect and I really want one as well,” he said.

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