HAHA! Putin Just HUMILIATED Whiney Liberal Democrats


Whiney liberal Democrats upset over losing to Trump continue to pull Russian President Vladimir Putin into the fray.

Unfortunately for them, Putin is a man of action, and has no problem getting his hands dirty in this fight.

At a press conference on Friday, he was again asked about allegations of “Russian hacking” in the US presidential election.

His response was an epic put-down of America’s spoiled liberal elite.

The Democrats, Putin explained, “are losing on all fronts and looking for scapegoats on whom to lay the blame.”

He then tried to teach our liberals a little thing called class.

“I think that this is an affront to their own dignity,” the Russian leader said. “It is important to know how to lose gracefully.”

Putin went on to wonder, rhetorically, why the Democrats were so focused on the alleged hacks, while trying to ignore the information they revealed.

During the presidential campaign, DNC servers were penetrated, and revealing emails were sent to WikiLeaks.

Those emails further unmasked the corrupt nature of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

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“What is the best proof that the hackers uncovered truthful information? The proof is that after the hackers demonstrated how public opinion had been manipulated within the Democratic Party…the DNC Chairperson resigned,” Putin noted. “This means she admitted that the hackers revealed the truth.”

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