HAHA! Chelsea Clinton Tries to Slam Trump, but Embarrasses Michelle Obama Instead!


Weren’t people just recently suggesting that Chelsea Clinton one day run for president? I guess she wouldn’t be all that less dense than her mother.

But, man, oh, man – our nation is in trouble if so many people think a girl like Chelsea could effectively run the country.

She seems incapable of doing even the most rudimentary background check before bleating out charges and allegations on the Internet.

A couple days ago, Chelsea tried to smear President Trump over his rollback of Michelle Obama’s school lunch program.

Her ridiculous tweet:

Yes, she needed “research” to tell her that a hungry child will learn less effectively than one that is well fed.

Unfortunately for Chelsea, her “research” into the matter seems to have ended with the obvious.

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What she failed to take into account is that this study would have been conducted while Michelle Obama’s lunch program was still in full effect.

If kids were going hungry at school during this survey, it was on Michelle Obama, not President Trump.

And, in fact, numerous surveys have concluded that Michelle Obama’s lunches were so disgusting that many children opted not to eat during school hours.

The Internet was only too happy to point out her glaring omissions to Chelsea Clinton:

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