Gymnast Who Famously Won Gold For US On Injured Ankle Speaks Out On Simone Biles


As a jury composed of a globe full of sports fans debates whether gymnast Simone Biles was right or wrong to pull out of the women’s team event because she was unable to fully concentrate, an athlete who knows what it is like to perform in pain is weighing in.

During the 1996 Olympic Games, American gymnast Kerri Strug injured her ankle when she suffered an awkward landing after a vault.

But she did not head for the sidelines.

Instead, Strug kept competing and nailed a second vault, helping America win a gold medal even though she was hobbling in pain and hopping to keep weight off the injury after her landing.

Following Biles’ decision to withdraw from further competition in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Strug posted on Twitter, sending her support to Biles as Strug’s example from 25 years ago began to be compared to what Biles did this week.

“Sending love to you Simone Biles,” Strug wrote, adding a goat emoji in reference to Biles’ self-proclaimed status of being the “greatest of all time.”

Strug also added a heart emoji and wrote, “Team UNITED States of America.”

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