Gym Owner who bans Cops and Military Speaks up…calls America a “brutal terrorist force” [Video]


The Atlanta gym owner who posted a ban on cops and military members says he wants to abolish the police, and he wouldn’t call the cops even if he got physically threatened.

His policy? Police officers and members of the military are not welcome to work out at EAV Barbell Club. The self-proclaimed radical said he believes police officers are violent henchmen of the state.

So what does he have against military personnel?

“My belief is that the American state, the American empire is the most destructive and sadistic force the world has ever seen,” Chambers said. “What our army does is evil, so I don’t want to make somebody strong so they can go kill Yemenis and North Koreans, period.”
Ever since the story began to circulate, Chambers said he’s gotten a lot of angry phone calls.

On the gym’s Facebook page, most of the posts are not appropriate for television, but one post sums up general sentiment: “I hope your stupid little sign was worth it. You started something now.”

When asked why he doesn’t want police officers or military members in his gym, Chambers replied, “Could of reasons. We’re not just a gym, we’re a political space. We have political meetings in this space, organizing meetings, self-defense classes. We don’t make money. We don’t try to make money.”

Getting rid of cops is one of the group’s core beliefs.

Where are all the “equality” fighters now?

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