Growing Number Inside GOP Stir To Impeach Biden In 2023 Over Border Insecurity


Rep. Lance Gooden, a Texas Republican whose district has been overrun by the surge in illegal immigration, says the border insecurity that Joe Biden unleashed isn’t just impacting border states. It’s spreading to the interior of the country, and with it the temptation to impeach the president if Republicans gain control of Congress next year.

“I really believe that impeachment could be on the table,” Gooden told Just the News in a recent interview. “And I would support that, certainly.”

Gooden has been investigating how the Biden administration and nonprofit groups have been funding a mass effort to move illegal aliens from the southern border to the interior of the country, uncovering travel packages that assist the migrants and a weakening of identity security provisions so the migrants can even use their arrest warrants as an acceptable form of ID to board American planes.

Gooden, like all but a handful of Republicans, opposed the Democrats’ two failed impeachment efforts against former President Donald Trump. He says while those actions lowered the bar for impeachment, Biden’s record of mismanagement qualifies him for removal under even a tougher strandard….(Read more)

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