Greg Gutfeld Announces His Mother-In-Law Fled Ukraine


Fox News host Greg Gutfeld announced Thursday that his mother-in-law fled Ukraine and is en route to Warsaw, Poland, during “The Five.”

“Just to let everybody know, my mother-in-law crossed into Poland about a half-an-hour ago,” Gutfeld said. “So she’s in a car on her way to Warsaw to see her daughter, Elena.”

Gutfeld told his co-hosts Wednesday that his mother-in-law was residing in a hotel in Lviv, located 43 miles from Poland, the New York Post reported. The host credited his co-workers on the ground, such as the network’s war correspondent Trey Yingst, Moscow-based correspondent Steve Harrigan, in Ukraine for helping his wife’s mother reach safety during a segment with reporter Lucas Tomlinson.

“I do want to point out that our coworkers are incredibly awesome, because the things they have been doing for a grouchy, cynical bastard like myself,” he said. “These guys over there, I won’t name them, but you probably know who they are, and you’ve seen them, are absolute heroes for helping out a little old lady they just met.”

The United Nations announced late Wednesday that one million Ukrainians, equivalent to 2% of the population, fled Ukraine into neighboring countries in less than a week. Approximately half of the refugees entered Poland, while a handful escaped to Hungary, Moldova and Slovakia.

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