‘Greatest Threat To Democracy’: Tucker Carlson Targeted By Washington Post


Fox News opinion host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson was the subject of a scathing Max Boot op-ed published Friday, in which Boot accused Carlson of “promoting conspiracy theories.”

Former President Donald Trump was the “most dangerous threat to American democracy” while in office, according to Boot, but now that Trump is out of the White House, The Washington Post opinion columnist says the title may go to Carlson. The op-ed comes after Carlson did a segment on his show this week highlighting calls from the left to de-platform Fox News, which Boot admits to supporting.

In office, Trump was the greatest threat to U. S. democracy. Now it may be Tucker Carlson, writes @MaxBoot

“Carlson has a long history of pushing vaccine conspiracy theories that endanger people’s lives,” Boot wrote, referencing a segment in which Carlson claimed Americans weren’t being allowed to ask straightforward questions about COVID-19 vaccines. “Why are Americans being discouraged from asking simple, straightforward questions about it? Questions like how effective are these drugs? Are they safe” Carlson asked in the monologue.

Boot then accused Carlson of lying about the Black Lives Matter demonstrations that occurred in summer 2020 and the death of George Floyd. Carlson recently said in a monologue that Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose and was not murdered by police officer Derek Chauvin. “There was no physical evidence that G… (Read more)

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