Grassley: More MS-13 Gang Members Sneaking Into U.S. Thanks To Biden


Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) says illegal immigration totals suggest MS-13 Gang members are increasingly successfully crossing into the United States via the southern border as a result of President Joe Biden’s policies.

In a letter to the Department of Justice (DOJ), Grassley said that while illegal immigration has skyrocketed under Biden’s administration, the total number of known MS-13 Gang members apprehended trying to illegally cross into the U. S. has decreased significantly.

This, Grassley wrote, suggests more and more MS-13 Gang members are successfully crossing into the U. S. — sneaking past federal immigration officials in the process.

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“Consequently, MS-13 may actually be an even bigger threat now than ever before, given CBP’s apparent failure or inability to accurately identify and apprehend MS-13 members amid the record-high numbers of people entering the US through the southern border right now,” Grassley wrote:

In the past four years, 2017-2020, Customs and Border Protection apprehended an average of 294 MS-13 gang-members a year. In those same years, 2017-2020, Customs and Border Protection found or arrested over 3 million illegal aliens, averaging about 750,000 people a year. This year however, with the increasingly open border between the US and Mexico, CBP has already encountered or arrested over 1.2 million illegal aliens, which represents a significant increase above previous years’ averages. [Emphasis added]

However, even though the total number of people illegally entering the United States has increased, CBP has only apprehended 71 MS-13 trying to enter the US this year, which represents a 75% decrease from previous years’ average. The obvious logical conclusion is that MS-13 members are successfully avoiding identification and sneaking past Border Patrol into the country, as agents focus their time and attention on dealing w… (Read more)

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